Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Day 6 of 30 - Blogger's Choice

So the hospital where we had our kiddo required new parenting classes. While I was travelling for work, the Mrs. went to one of the classes alone and didn't like it. At all. Suddenly, there was an edict and I had to attend all of the classes with her.

In one sense, I become a total guy about these things. I am not the one giving birth, so why should I be the one going to the classes? And what could the classes tell me that I couldn't find on the internet for free, right?

But then I started attending the classes, and totally understood.

You see, there is this little portion of the class where they talk about the procedure known as an episiotomy. (Seriously, don't click that link.)

The nurse who was giving the presentation, who spent the entire class streaming through her PowerPoint slides at a rate of 24 frames a second, suddenly decided to stop one one rather graphic image, stop, and talk to the class for what seemed like 47 hours straight. The entire time, this image of a particularly painful incision seemed to pulse on the screen above her head.

No one was listening to her, but, believe me, everyone was paying attention.

The Mrs. felt a little distressed until I whispered to her, "Look around the room for a second."

She did. A whole room full of mommies-to-be stared at the image.

Half of them had this expression:

The other half had this one:

All of them, despite their pregnant bellies, managed to cross their legs.

The Mrs. began to laugh. And then I began to laugh. And all of a sudden, we became two snickering teenagers in the back of the classroom.

At that moment, the Mrs. whispered to me, "You are the only person who could make me laugh at a time like this."


R* said...

and that, my friend, is the epitome of true love.

i love this style of writing. little vignettes into the lives of mr, mrs, and lil miss T. really love it.

M. Robert Turnage said...

I am so happy to hear this. This entry was actually a draft that has been sitting in my blog queue for close to a year. I decided to brush it off, rewrite it, and use it for the blog challenge.

I hope to have the time and energy to create more posts like these soon.

NoRegrets said...

It is indeed great.