Thursday, October 28, 2010

Day 28 of 30 - This year, in great detail

December 21st, 2009 - Margaret is born.

January and February - On paternity leave while taking care of the new baby. Take many pictures.

March - Go back to work. Get on a plane to California. Get elected to the board of the Dallas Screenwriters

April - Finish California assignment. Get a work from home assignment.

May - Finish a work from home assignment.

June - Back in California.

July - Going to Canada for work. Swim lessons with the kiddo begin.

August - Have interest expressed in one of my web series pitches. A producer and I have a series of phone calls and emails about this. A completely different producer expresses interest in a feature film pitch I sent her, and asks me to send her a copy of the completed script. However, I don't have a script, just the pitch. So I focus on writing the script.

September - Back in California for work. Do a lot of writing. Do some job interviewing, with mixed results.

October - Resign from my travel job in favor of a non-travel job. Take my kiddo to swim lessons. Finish that script from August, but the producer who showed interest has moved on. I now have a script for sale for any interested parties, and it is AWESOME! Also, in October, I completed a blog challenge.

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