Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Day 27 of 30 - This month, in great detail

October -

I take the 30-day blog challenge. I don't like the "in great detail" command of the last week's worth of blog entries and instead decide to just brainstorm random facts about the month for one of the entries.

Sunday nights, I fly to Northern California (primarily San Francisco, but I go to Fresno and San Ramon as well). Thursday nights (and sometimes Friday mornings) I fly back to Dallas. I alternate my clothes so one week I am wearing browns, and the next I am wearing blacks. My dry cleaner loves the business.

Saturdays are swim lessons with the kiddo. She is teacher's pet, and one day I really want to post a video of her swimming. Some where in there I cook dinners.

On Friday the 8th, and 15th, I visit the site of my new job and get orientated. On Friday the 22nd, I am there full time. Also on that date, I give my exit interview at my old employer.

I shop for a Halloween costume for the kiddo. I am really disappointed in the options available for the 6 to 12 month age, and am really surprised at the over-sexualized children costumes in general. I am definitely a parent now, hissing slightly to myself that, "No daughter of mine is leaving the house wearing a 'Sexy Little Girl Devil' costume."

(I secretly suspect, based on these really terrible children costumes, that the Halloween stores only hire sex offenders and pedophiles. The employees certainly don't looks like happy people, especially considering they are surrounded by such morale-boosting merchandise like fake fangs and candy. I suppose, like rodeo clowns, they must be troubled souls, channeling their aggression and rage into a marginally acceptable career in the hopes that society will accept them for who they are. I would like to say that deep down inside, I accept them and that I am not one to judge. However, I AM one to judge. Sorry, you unhappy probable-pedophile Halloween store workers. That is how the candy corn crumbles. Some yokel with a blog judges you and says some terrible things to the five people who will read this. Never fear, he will probably apologize once he sobers up and realizes what a horrible mistake this entire paragraph was. Even though it is in parenthesis and should not be taken seriously. Bottom line - the Halloween store creeps me out. In more ways than one.)

I write at least one blog entry while drinking. (Hint: It was this one.) Then I rest. So ends October.

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