Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Day 26 of 30 - Your week, in great detail

The Week of October 17th, 2010

Sunday - Play with the kiddo all morning. Fly to San Francisco. Realize I forgot to pack my toothbrush when I check into the hotel that evening. This revelation happens about 11pm San Francisco time, which is about 1am my body time.

Monday - Work. Get toothbrush. Drive to Fresno for work. Actually, this day is detailed in this blog entry.

Tuesday - Work. This is a big day on the job. We have two training classes, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. Lunch is fish tacos, which are delightful. That night, I slink off to see "The Social Network." I really like the film, particularly the sound design. I am upset that they still haven't figured how to apply make-up to people being films with those nifty RED cameras. This film looks better than "Zodiac" or "Mission Impossible 3," but there are still quite a few scenes where it is obvious all of the dudes are wearing rouge.

Wednesday - Drive from Fresno to San Ramon, where my company gives me a going away lunch. This week is my last week at my previous employer. I absolutely love my previous employer, and am grateful for the lunch. I spend the evening grading papers and writing reports about the training course.

Thursday - I finalize my work for the project I have been working on this week. I complete a series of documents and load them onto the network. I say good-bye to everyone. "I wish I had a chance to work directly with you," one co-worker says. My response? "Just imagine the best work experience you have ever had and project that feeling onto me."

Friday - Exit interview with old company, first full day with new company. The new company really appreciates the fact that I gave a two-weeks notice, but really wanted me to start immediately. So I have been doing some general onboarding and orientation for the past two weeks, which is more difficult than it sounds considering most of it was over the phone and with two time-zones between me and the company. Still, it is good to be at the new site. I get a badge and am, once again, disappointed in my badge picture.

Saturday - Day or rest. I take the kiddo to swim practice and then work on some coding for work. My Rock Band 3 keyboard comes in a few days early and I try it with Rock Band 2. It doesn't work, so I will just have to wait a few days until Rock Band 3 arrives. I make some mac and cheese casserole from this cookbook, and go to bed stuffed and happy.

The End

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