Monday, October 25, 2010

Day 25 of 30 - Your day, in great detail

So here's my dirty little secret about this whole blog challenge -

I write the posts in advance and then schedule them to be published on the specific days. I started this in early September in anticipation of an October 30 deadline.

So, when I go into my day in great detail, it will not be today or yesterday. It will be Monday, October 18th.

Monday begins in Sunday for me. My 7pm flight to San Francisco from Dallas was delayed until 9pm. Which means by the time I get off the plane, get my luggage, ride BART to my hotel, and check in... it is 1230am Pacific time. This is 230am Central time.

So when I begin my Monday by snoozing the alarm for a full hour (from 6am to 7am), do not judge.

Between 7 and 8am, I get dressed and ready for work, drop by the bagel place for a bagel, go to the ATM and load up with cash for the week, and get to the office. While walking to work, I listen to the Creative Screenwriting podcast (the movie they discuss is RED).

At the office, I begin answering emails, submit an expense report, and begin revisions on one of my assignments (an end-of-course assessment I wrote has some feedback from a manager). Already, I have removed 2 items from my daily To Do List (Expenses, ATM run).

The next part of the day is prepping for the drive to Fresno (I have to be there Tuesday morning). I set up my Android phone to map me to the hotel. I print out a copy of the map, just in case. I go get on Facebook to make a "funny" comment on a screenwriter's status. (She wrote, If I could save time in a bottle, the first thing that I'd like to do is to _______" and I responded with "Mix it with some tequila and call the drink 'Hammer Time.'")

At 1030am, I make a run to Starbucks for a jolt of coffee, and I continue to work until noon, when I head towards the airport. I don't get on an airplane, but instead rent a car and drive to Fresno. On the drive, I listen to the audio book for "The Murder Room." The book is interesting, but a little fragmented. It doesn't have a story as much as a series of vingnettes. That is ok, though because it is a non-fiction that profiles several members of a club that solves crimes.

I check into the hotel and do a few more phone calls and emails. I have some friends who live about an hour outside of Fresno, and they graciously decide to visit me while I am in town. We have dinner and go shopping at Costco, where a nice older lady gave me cheese sticks.

After dinner we all go back to my hotel room, where we try to make each other laugh until about 10pm. Then my friends leave and I go to bed.

The End

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