Thursday, April 24, 2008

So does this mean Amazon owns my identity now?

As many of you know, I have a blog where I ridicule DVDs based solely on their title and/or cover art.

Today's entry is a head-scratching little film called Who's your monkey?

Every once in awhile when I set up the Amazon link, I take a moment or two to read the reviews of the DVD in question - basically to gauge if I will get hate comments or not.

Imagine my surprise this morning when I saw a five star review for Who's your monkey? Having only seen the cover art and title, I can understand four stars, but five? Really?

Here's the review (click for larger image).

The most disturbing thing about the review was not the is-this-the-director's-mom-or-what vibe, but the fact that seems to have trademarked her Real Name. (click for larger image)

Does anyone know what this means? I did a quick Google search for "Amazon Real Name TM" and found this blog post from 2005. The blog entry doesn't really say anything more than, "Dude, Amazon is strange and kind of scary for TMing everyone's Real Name." Which is a healthy and good attitude to have about these things.

Unfortuantely, I do not have a Healthy and Good AttitudeTM about these things. I have decided to follow Amazon's example and just start trademarking Anything I Want to TrademarkTM.


M. Robert TurnageTM
Real NameTM

This blog postTM copyright M. Robert TurnageTM. All rights reserved. Unlawful reposting of any and all content in this blog post will result in M. Robert TurnageTM pressing his red button, which in turn will Release the WeaselsTM.


Tera said...

MrT, it is imperative that I come here for my daily dose of medicine!!! You're a riot!!!

P.S. You're also IT!!! Please review my latest post at your earliest convenience :)

NoRegrets said...

Ah, you forgot to TM All Rights Reserved (TM) so now it's mine, all mine, and I will earn millions!!!!!

InvisibleMarketing said...

Because the world needs more weasels. Indubitably.

Ian said...

I'm actually going to TM your "All Rights Reserved (TM)"

All Rights Reserved (TM)™

Yeah!!!!1 I win!!!1!