Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Overbooked This Weekend

I have this running joke about how I love Mondays because they are such a relaxing break after the weekend.

I constantly get over-scheduled on the weekends. Most of the time when I point this out, I usually make some sort of comment about the risks of marrying a Type A person. I did marry a Type A person and she does schedule a lot of stuff during the weekends, but this weekend is pretty much my fault.

Friday night, the Mrs. and I are attending a screening of Iron Man. My local comic book shop rents out movie theaters and puts quite a nice little shindig on opening nights.

On Saturday... whoo.

First of all, there is the CAPE, the comic and pop culture expo here in Dallas. Normally, I go to these things to spend lots of money, but this year, I am going to pass out business cards and network a little. I have some creative projects I would be interested in pursuing, and this is as good a place as any to get the ball rolling.

There is also a lecture on zero-energy construction that day. The Mrs. and I are really enthralled with the idea of building our own house someday, just to show people the right way to do it. If only there were the time to attend.

Finally, there is the Kentucky Derby that night. And we are invited to an infamous Kentucky Derby party we've heard about for years.

What will probably happen is CAPE during the day, and the Derby party in the evening. Unfortunately, the zero energy construction lecture will probably fall by the wayside. So sad.

And just to show that the weekend is full, the Mrs. and I are going to an Organ Recital on Sunday evening with our family members. Organ music can be very pretty and soothing sometimes.

Can't wait for Monday, when I can finally get some rest.


Courtney said...

I'd be really impressed if you not only attended the lecture but also built your house this weekend. Maybe next weekend.

M. Robert Turnage said...

I party with the Amish for this reason - so we can call the community together and build a house in a single day. One day, it will happen.

Not next weekend. Next weekend is Mother's Day.

NoRegrets said...

That's not overbooked! Looks like you have Sat. afternoon free!

NoRegrets said...

By the way, what is that creature on your hand?

M. Robert Turnage said...

I will be at CAPE almost all day Saturday. The Kentucky Derby party begins at 3:30 and goes until everyone decides to go home (sometimes as late as midnight). Plus, there is probably a change of clothes involved because the party is going to be a little more formal than the comic convention. So, no, Saturday afternoon is booked. Sunday morning will probably be party recovery time.

The rabbit on my hand comes from the funniest (by far) part of that Monty Python's Holy Grail movie - the scene where the Knights are slaughtered by a Killer Rabbit with big pointy teeth. You can buy a little stuffed killer rabbit here:


Goo said...

I, too, saw Iron Man Friday night and attended an organ recital Sunday evening. Naji Hakim played brilliantly - which is very high praise from me 'cause I generally have low tolerance for French organ music.

The last piece on the program was an improvisation and he asked the organist here to give him a theme on which to expound. Our organist offered up two choices: the vespers antiphon for Ascension, or, given that it was Derby weekend, Kentucky. Hakim completely blew us away with a riotously great improvisation on My Old Kentucky Home.

My whole body vibrated for two hours after the concert. I get trembly just remembering. Whodathunk I'd end up an organ groupie? I'm now in the market for an "I heart Hakim" t-shirt; or maybe "Me & Naji".

Tera said...

Friday...I drank
Saturday...I drank more
Sunday...I cooked and slept