Monday, April 07, 2008

Recasting the Princess Bride is a great place for movie people to distract themselves while at the office.

Spout has this group called The Recasting Couch.

The idea behind this is that some movie is going to be remade, who would you cast as what? They post a film a week and everyone tries to entertain each other with creative and off the wall ideas.

This week's film is The Princess Bride. I know for a lot of people, recasting this movie is sacrilege. But I did it anyway.

Here is my entry in the contest:

Quentin Tarantino's Princess Bride

Ryan Gosling ... Westley

Uma Thurman ... Buttercup / The Princess Bride

Antonio Banderas ... Inigo Montoya

Warren Beatty ... Prince Humperdinck

Sonny Chiba ... Count Tyrone Rugen

John Travolta ... Vizzini

Danny Trejo ... Fezzik

Jake Lloyd ... The Grandson

Sam Elliott ... The Grandfather / Narrator

Samual L. Jackson ... The Impressive Clergyman

Josh Brolin ... The Albino

Bruce Willis ... Miracle Max

Rose McGowan ... Valerie

Pam Grier ... The Queen

Angie Dickenson ... The Ancient Booer


Cyber D said...

What? No Tim Roth?

M. Robert Turnage said...

Tim Roth can be the guard at the doors and Harvey Keitel can be the old King.

Now, all I need is something for Steve Buscemi to do.

heather said...

the best thing you could do with steve is just let him wander around the set randomly adding to what's being filmed. don't give him a script or a part, just let steve be steve.

Maida said...


A pox on your house!

M. Robert Turnage said...

Maida, I knew that comment would come eventually. Thank you for handling it.

Maida said...

Any time ;)

NoRegrets said...

I'm sorry. I don't think Antonio Banderas has the comedy chops. Of course, now I'm wasting time trying to think of a proper replacement, and can't. I'd love to see Leonardo DiCaprio try it...

M. Robert Turnage said...

You should watch 'Four Rooms' and only watch the third room. Antonio Banderas is really funny in that little segment. Too bad the performance is wasted on the rest of film.

And he is pretty funny as Puss in Boots in the Shrek movies.