Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Greasy Cheese

Over on the Spout Podcast, they issued a challenge to listeners:

Try to pitch a film with as many independent film clichés in it as possible.

You can hear some of the Spout folks' ideas here. They asked for some movie pitches and would read them on the next show.

I sent an idea, but in case it doesn't get read on the next show, I shall post it here.

Greasy Cheese

On a lonely back road... in the middle of flat Middle America... is Greasy Cheese.

Greasy Cheese is an old all-nite roadside diner, its only employees are the slightly anti-Semitic, yet lovable, owner/fry cook and the sassy, wisdom-dispensing transsexual waitress.

Rick and Carol are a young couple on the run, with only their beat up old car and a trunk full of stolen money to keep them company. Their car breaks down less than a mile from Greasy Cheese and barely limps into the parking lot before giving up the ghost. It will be a day before the tow truck can get to them, leaving the young couple stranded for 24 hours at the diner.

Enter Sheriff McBiff, the corrupt cop that really stole the money and who Rick and Carol double-crossed. McBiff is hot on the couple's trail, and will stop at nothing to get his money back, even if that means performing a one-man armed siege of an all-night diner.

During the course of a 24-hour period, a fry cook will learn the error of his ways, a corrupt sheriff's mysterious past will come back to haunt him, and a young couple on the rocks will find new love.

At turns suspenseful, hilarious, and heartwarming, Greasy Cheese is the full meal deal.


NoRegrets said...

Don't forget they have to dance to a song on the jukebox that poignantly describes the situation they are in.

It's kind of like the 'scary movie' for independent movies. Someday something like this will be made.

Gyuss Baaltar said...

The only part I'd ad:
The narrative is told out of order. The first scene of the movie is a couple driving down the road in a Sheriff's car, the woman has a shocked look on her face, a bit of blood on her face that may-or-may not be hers.

The man is driving, and they are holding hands and exhuberantly yelling "Mexico here we come!" Then freeze frame, roll opening credits.

This is actually the last scene of the movie, but the whole movie will be edited into a series of disjointed flashbacks leaving the viewer with feeling of being so smart for being able to put all the pieces together.

Some people watching the movie won't be able to follow the narrative device, but those folks can be dimissed as "just not getting it"

Susan said...

This is brilliant. Oddly, I'd like to see this movie.

Cyber D said...

If it doesn't have explosions, cybrogs, harrison ford, or harrison ford exploding cyborgs... I'm not interested.

Tera said...

I might like to see the movie however the title makes me have feelings of indigestion.

M. Robert Turnage said...

All of these brilliant suggestions can always be found in the sequel, already in production after all the positive buzz at Sundance.