Sunday, July 06, 2008

This Month's Shameless Self Promotion

On Tuesday, July 8th, there is another Dallas Screenwriters Association Scene Reading at the Half Price Books on Northwest Highway here in Dallas.

Part of the agenda should include pages 11 through 21 of my work-in-progress, Not Again.

Last month's reading was incredible - I was really inspired by the actors and actresses, and they said nice things about my ten-page sample.

I also was told I shouldn't be putting all sorts of my writing on the internet for free for anyone to read and plagiarize. I don't totally agree with this attitude, for reasons I might get into in a later blog post, but I've decided to comply and stop posting this particular work-in-progress script on the blog.


To hear the rest of the screenplay, you will have to attend the DSA Scene readings over the next eight or nine months.

Blogging will be light this week - the non-internet portion of my life is going to be really, really busy.


Tera said...

I guess it sort of makes sense MrT you shouldn't put it out there...people are vultures and will steal your shit right from under your nose and pass it off as their own!

M. Robert Turnage said...

I don't mind too much because I don't think most peoples' minds work like mine does. Even if they steal something from me, they wouldn't be able to replicate the magic or even answer the question, "How did you get this idea?"

I can always answer this question.

Tera said...

Wow, point well taken...glad you put it that way!