Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Happy Birthday to the Silliepie Williepie!

On July 17th, my little brother will have a birthday.

To celebrate, I am presenting Five Fun Facts about Wubbahed.

1. Growing up, an unnamed older sibling often told the young Wubbahed, “Mom and Dad had me and said, ‘We must have another!’ Then they had you and said, ‘We need to stop.’”

2. He has been known to abandon jigsaw puzzles with only one piece remaining. He will lose interest, slump his shoulders, and say, “Where is that !@#$%@!in’ puzzle piece?” After abandoning the puzzle, his elder, puzzle-finishing brother has been known to go, “Look at this abandoned puzzle! I wonder if this piece I magically found in my pocket will fit into it? Oh, look! I finished the puzzle.”

3. Sometimes in his Executive Suite at his big time New York ad agency, he receives letters and packages addressed to “Wubba ‘Please Call Me Silliepie’ Turnage”. His personal assistant, Waylon Smithers, hands him this mail with a quiet little, “Does this mean I can now call you ‘Silliepie,’ sir?”

4. He has very delicate skin. Sometimes even the gentle wafting of a summer breeze can cause his tender skin to bruise.

5. All of his trials and tribulations have given him character.

Happy birthday, Silliepie Williepie!

P.S. Alex, hang in there. I will respond to your blog entry next.


alex said...

Happy birthday, Wubba.

Hopefully you won't respond too quick. I was hoping you'd go ahead and write the novels and give me the manuscripts for free.

NoRegrets said...

Oh, you are such the mean older brother to hang onto the last puzzle piece. But happy birthday!!!

wubbahed said...

Oh too funny. Thanks for the bday wishes!

And don't forget, every day is gamookie's birthday at

Susan said...

Happy birthday to wubba!

M. Robert Turnage said...

Alex, I have gone to such lengths before for the sake of a good joke.

NoR, the way I see it, I have a beautiful wife, Guitar Hero, a full head of hair, and this blog where my younger brother has a beautiful wife, a frighteningly successful career filled with international travel, a house in Brooklyn, a giant multimedia empire, an amazingly strong tolerance to alcohol, a sausage pressing machine, a grill larger than my office cubicle, and millions of adoring fans. My purpose in life is to keep him from getting too big of an ego and to remind him that his bald patch grows every time I see him.

Wubbahed, happy birthday again!

Susan, indeed.

NoRegrets said...

MRT, ah,and I know you are most jealous of the sausage pressing machine. I would be.

Wubbahed- you know, a little bit of feedback on that site. I went to it, and all it did was make me wait for videos to load that I didn't even know if they'd be worth the wait, so I left the site.

M. Robert Turnage said...

NoR, The videos are all of my face plastered on videos fat hairy men dancing in hula skirts. This passes for "humor" in Beaver, Oklahoma, the rural farming community where my brother was born.

This site will load and will give you incredible insight to my younger brother's humble origins:

wubbahed said...

Couple of corrections...

1. When my parents had me, their exact reaction was, "He's so perfect, we don't need any other children."

2. About my delicate skin. It's as delicate as anyone's skin is after being rammed into a boat with enough force to break PVC plastic. (here's where gamookie blinks excessively and looks around the room for who might have done that)

3. The description that I have "millions of adoring fans" is incorrect. As of today, there are only a few hundred thousand. Projections indicate we'll break the million mark sometime in 2010.

dmarks said...

Does the last picture mean that he is a real chum?

Tera said...

Happy (belated) birthday to the Wub-meister! That last photo cracks me up!