Monday, July 07, 2008

That "Handlebars" Song

That "Handlebars" song has been stuck in my head ever since I first heard it on Randy's blog.

As much as I love the song and the general art design of the video (included at the bottom of this entry), I think the ideas behind the video are pretty wrong-headed.

Two points.

One - There is not usually a point in your life where you make a choice and then stay on that path forever. Even seemingly permanent decisions (like marriage and kids) can be temporary (like divorce and child abandonment). And you aren't ever given choices to make like "Corporation" or "Peace." People can and do choose both, and they can switch paths whenever they want. People drop out of Corporate America all the time just like people are constantly entering Corporate America from other avenues of life.

Two - Dividing the world into two groups of people and presenting one as ALL GOOD and the other as ALL EVIL is the sort of fanatic behavior that starts conflict. I know the makers of the video are trying to make a point, but they are feeding the beast.

Having said that, I really like the look and feel of the video, and the song is a real knockout. PLUS, it is really easy to write your own lyrics to the tune.

I can clean my teeth with no dental floss... no dental floss... no dental floss...


NoRegrets said...

I really like the video, and I really like the song. Who sings it? It almost sounded like the group that did that racetrack song.

So you thought both men were the same, but two different paths? I read it as them being friends and their ways diverging, but still impacting the other. And the guy behind the podium seemed aghast at the bloodshed, so that's something.

I can hang from the monkey bars
I can eat my lunch in the singles bar
I can have a baby through my caesarean scar
I can stick my hand in the pickle jar

Susan said...

Wait--people are either good or evil? You've totally just changed my life man...

M. Robert Turnage said...

NoR, The song is called "Handlebars" and is by the Flobots. I thought about adding one of those Amazon mp3 players in the post so you can go to Amazon and download the mp3 for 89 cents.

I agree that the guy behind the podium was taken aback at the violence, but only after his buddy dies. There was bloodshed and death before, but no outrage. I actually liked the video up until the part where they had the riots at the end. It fit really well with the song about how you can do anything, but some things you probably don't want to do. I liked how it started out as building highways and developing areas displaced the poor, because that happens all the time in the name of progress. It was just when things turned violent that it seemed to get a little dogmatic. Well, except for the signs on the paths of Corporation and Peace. Speaking as someone in Corporate America, Corporations are just not that organized. When they get really powerful, the workforce gets fat and complacent and loses any competitive edge. Which is why so many corporations try to work the laws to reduce competition - they can't effectively compete anymore. And when they start bleeding money and losing revenue, they hire my consulting company and just whine whine whine.

Susan, wow! That "How to be a Cult Leader in 12 Easy Steps" book is really working out for me. I have changed a person's life. The next step is getting loose change for changing someone's life. Maybe I should put a PayPal tip jar on the site.

Churlita said...

Interesting video. I agree that nothing is ever as simple as choosing either or.

Tera said...

NoR did you just write a song?