Monday, June 23, 2008

Cruel New Jersey Stereotypes Perpetuated in This Horrible Horrible Video

For those of you don't follow the blog-a-drama, a Woman with No Regrets took umbrage with some of my more disparaging remarks about the nigh-perfect state of New Jersey.

In this blog post, NoR (as she is wont to be called) took 150 precious words and crafted a near-impenetrable argument about the greatness of the state.

So now that I'm a fan of NJ (or "Jersey" as the locals call it), I feel compelled to bring to light the horrible horrible New Jersey stereotypes perpetuated by our media.

And by "our media," I mean Triumph the Insult Dog.

Watch this film, and FEEL THE PAIN!


Maida said...

Robb, Robb, Robb, Robb, Robb...

Did you forget that before my migration to Colorado, that I was originally a Jersey girl (Exit 4)?

AND a HUGE Bon Jovi fan!

I submit this photo for your viewing pleasure:

And I loved that video, btw. But really it could have been anywhere - Kansas, Colorado, Philly, North Dakota... only the accents distinguish the location.

M. Robert Turnage said...

I remembered that you are a Jersey girl and expected such a comment.

But I have learned the error of my ways and am a fan of the state now.

NoRegrets said...

You go Maida!!!

I'm going to have to watch this at home. I can't play it loud enough to really hear everything. I do love the - you paid $40 for a ticket and they'll be playing at Great Adventure next year - . And the big hair!

MRT, I'm glad you are a convert. Else, there'd be a contract out on you.

Cyber D said...

I haven't enjoyed Triumph in many years... but that was solid gold!

Tera said...


NoRegrets said...