Friday, January 04, 2008

Because the World Needs More Blogs about Films

While people like my brother have decided to consolidate all of their interests into one place where you can learn about programming, knitting, and sausage making, I am starting off 2008 by fragmenting my web presence.

I've written about films on Too Much Time on My Hands before, but I have decided to create another web log that exists just to hold my thoughts on film. I call this web log Not the Younglings!

While a lot of the film web logs I read (like SpoutBlog) focus on the here and now in film movements, I'll be writing about whatever the heck I want to write about (which more often than not means things that aren't playing in theaters).

Right now, the ideas for this new film blog are a little hazy, but two features I plan on doing throughout 2008 include writing about every movie in my 400+ DVD collection and, in the spirit of The Onion AV Club's My Year of Flops feature, writing about some cinematic One-Star Wonders. The sad truth is that I've secretly been wanting to blog about Boxing Helena for some time now.

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