Wednesday, January 09, 2008

While I'm Talking about Excellent Customer Experiences...

Just wanted to share this message from Creative Screenwriting magazine in response to my email.

I sent this:

Hi there-

I am writing to inquire about the status of this order.

I placed it over a month ago and have not received it yet. Any information would be greatly appreciated.



They responded with this:

Hi Robert,

I am very sorry about the late delivery. You have every reason to be
unhappy. So do we. We outsourced DVD fulfillment to a company called
OWD. They failed to see 140+ orders in early December, and blamed
everyone in sight but themselves. We have fired them and are
fulfilling these orders ourselves.

If you do not cancel your order, you will receive (write me if you
don't) a coupon good for $12.97 off another DVD order or off a
subscription to Creative Screenwriting Magazine -- effectively a DVD
for delivery cost or half price on the magazine.

We're trying to get all the DVD's shipped out this week, we've already
begun shipping DVD's out as of Friday.

Take care,


This shows a couple of things:

1) They can write well.
2) They know their customers are mostly writers, a notoriously crabby lot, and can disarm them with not only brevity and charm, but with a discount.
3) If they don't care about you, they are really good at hiding it.

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The Moviequill said...

btw, I got the same response inquiring about my order 3X and when the dvds arrived, there was no coupon