Thursday, April 12, 2007

Where I will Be This Saturday

Hello all. You have registered for La Reunion Workshop at the MAC!

Please be there at 10:45 AM to check in and get a good seat. The
workshop will last until 5 PM. Presenters are professionals in their
field and a wonderful cross-pollination of ideas and techniques will be
presented between scriptwriting for comic books, film, and plays.

Lunch will be provided by Tin Star, and I have ordered vegetarian,
chicken, and beef options as well as chips and salsa.

After the workshop, there will be an evening get-together at the
fabulous Belmont Hotel located in Oak Cliff. Directions to the Belmont
will be available in the workshop program. We will have poolside
access and a gorgeous view of downtown Dallas to reflect on the day
and have post-workshop conversation. This will be from 7 PM to 9:30

Please don't hesitate to let David Hopkins or me know if you have any
questions about the workshop or post workshop reception. We look
forward to meeting you all and having a great time on Saturday.

sarah jane semrad
executive director


alex said...

Don't get it. Confused, bewildered, and bothered.

M. Robert Turnage said...

This was an actual email I received for a workshop I'll be attending this Saturday.

Didn't mean to confuse. Just meant to get my geek on.

Derrick said...


Hope you had a good time. Yes, Vonnegut is gone. *sucks*

Hey - I am trying to find you on myspace. I feel old. All these young-uns on MySpace, and I'm trying to figure out how to add my favorite song to my site. *sigh*

Let's get together sometime - the standard refrain - but let's make it happen - another standard refrain.

later dude,