Monday, April 16, 2007

Back to Reality

For the unsuspecting, the previous blog entry came from Alex at Balding Angrily. He is doing amazing and fun things with his blog by having blog swaps with various people. If you would like to read my entry on his blog, it is here.

For those of you who read the Christmas letter, you know we are doing home repairs and sprucing up our house for sale. This is proving to be a much bigger project than we originally thought. Not to mention the fact that I spent a few months on the road for work, and managed to get precious little done from 2000 miles away.

We are making headway, moving things into storage and finding places to stash our stuff. Some neighbors will now have (for a few months, at least) a piano to for their daughter to learn music on. I asked one of my friends if he would not mind holding onto my wine refrigerator (and the wine therein) as well as my surround sound system while we allow all prospective buyers to tromp over shiny new hardwoods. My friend responded with a hearty, "Heck yeah! That is what friends are for."

While we are packing up stuff and moving it out, I am putting a few of my books on eBay. Most of them (ok, all of them) are old comics, but I did happen onto one art/photography book from Dave McKean that someone else is selling on eBay for $125.00. That surprised me, but when I remembered that there were only 3,000 in existence and that that Dave McKean has gone on from doing photography and art exhibit books to directing movies like MirrorMask, it made more sense. Maybe someone wouldn't mind paying the low low price of $99.99 for such a book if it came from me.

Anyway, here are the listings. If you live in the Dallas area, I don't mind meeting you and waiving the shipping fees.

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