Monday, April 09, 2007

Going Baldly Where No One Has Gone Before

One of the funnier, insightful, and entertaining blogs I read is Balding Angrily by Alex.

I met Alex on the Filmspotting boards where he is the moderator. Adam and Sam, the Filmspotting guys, routinely heap praise on him, telling him how kind he is, how helpful he is, and how they couldn't be the internet force they are without him. They call me their Nemesis and openly mock me on their show.

But there is an affinity here - Alex and I are like long lost 3rd cousins. We both live in Dallas. We both have blogs. He is an architect, and I have been in buildings.

He has proposed a blog-switch for a day, singling me out.

And I have tentatively accepted.

I already have some ideas of what I am going to write, and I think he has some ideas for what to do with this space. So stay tuned, you 5 readers of this blog! Something cool is about to happen.

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