Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Yet Another Reason I'm Saving up for a Camcorder

I've been flying twice a week for my job for several months. I try not to complain, but they make it so easy.

Seriously, the last month EVERY ONE of my American Airlines Flights (except one) have been delayed more than an hour. And the one that left on time, I almost missed because I just expected them to be running an hour late.

So I see this video about Delta, and think - no, that was an American flight! I swear it was American. As much as I hate the situation, I love this film. So here is my solution - for every hour your flight is delayed, you get points. Or Frequent Flyer miles or whatever. For every hour, you get 10,000 points. Then you can trade them in for prizes.

Like a camcorder.

So you can then make lovely movies like this one:

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