Thursday, June 28, 2007

Dear Scriptwriter,

I received this letter today.


Dear Scriptwriter,

We hope you are proud. Very, very proud.

During the month of June, despite all the weddings and road trips, despite all the family barbeques and pool parties (or ski trips and snowball fights in the southern hemisphere), you managed to write a 20,000-word script. When the weather and the living finally got good, you did what any dedicated scriptwriter would do: You stowed yourself away, you typed like crazy, and you helped make history by writing and finishing your script during the very first Script Frenzy. Ever.

That’s right. You created scenes and slug lines and stage directions. You dreamt up dialogue and formatted it with reasonably exacting precision. You crafted characters, and you stuck to your scriptwriting regimen, pressing onward as many of your cohorts melted away into the temptations of summer.

And now look at you: A Script Frenzy winner.


We stand corrected: A Script Frenzy World Premiere Winner!

[edited out special winners-only information]

Finally, if you haven't made a donation to Script Frenzy, please visit our Donation Station. So far, we've received donations from less than 3% of our Frenzies, and we're looking at a lot of unpaid bills. If you want Script Frenzy to return next year, please make a tax-deducible, karma-enriching donation today.

And that's a wrap! All of us here at Script Frenzy headquarters offer you our congratulations and admiration. We look forward to writing with you again next June.

Warm regards,

The Script Frenzy Staff

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