Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Cost of Friendship

Alex is my #1 friend.

I say this because Alex is listed first in my Blackberry address book. I do not know any Aarons or Abbeys, so Alex appears first in the list.

This is important to know because my Blackberry accidentally calls Alex all the time.

Here is how it happens - I wear my Blackberry on my belt thanks to this handy dandy belt clip. And every once in awhile, my belly decides to seep over my belt and rest oh so gently on some of the Blackberry buttons, which in turn tell the Blackberry to start calling people.

I do not know when this happens, but I do know that Alex gets called more than anyone else because he is the first person in my address book. If a certain button is pressed three times in a row, the Blackberry goes "{click} Open Address Book. {click} Make Call. {click} Call this person."

And since my belly does not often scroll down the list in the address book... BOOM! Alex gets a call.

Today I had the distinct pleasure of eating a very large Tex-Mex meal and then shortly afterwords calling Alex and apologizing for my phone repeatedly calling him and sharing with him the joy of the gurgling sound my stomach makes when it meets up with combo fajitas.

"I am sorry my phone does this, Alex," I said. "And I don't want to make you feel bad because I only call you when I am gaining weight. Try to think of this in a positive way. You are my belly buddy. And to celebrate our chubby-wubby friendship, I am going home and doing some sit ups for a few hours."

So this whole post is a long way of letting the world know what kind of torture I put my friends, especially long-suffering ones like Alex, through.

That and the fact that during our conversation today, Alex said, "You should blog about this."


InvisibleMarketing said...

Alex is a good friend. Thank you, Alex. :) CT

alex said...

It sounds like I'm awful good friends with your belly.

NoRegrets said...

I'm surprised you'd have to tell him about the noises in your belly. I would think he hears them all the time.

And I would have left a comment on Alex's site, but he has one of those sites that don't allow comments until you do something that I couldn't figure out in 3 seconds, so I left. Oh well... his loss.

Susan said...

I made the mistake of programming people into speed dial then going out bump-n-grind dancing one night. I spent weeks apologizing.

R* said...

awesome. for some reason my work blackberry used to always phantom call our coworker NU. she was such a good sport about it, but i have no idea why or how she would get calls from me. ah well. at least i didn't phantom call the CEO!

Cyber D said...

I'd recommend one of two things to solve this problem. The first is a diet... but those suck. I'm on one now and it blows... big time. On second thought I don't recommend a diet. Your other option would be toss out ye-trusty-hip-carrier and drop that puppy into your pant pocket. Either way, Alex's cell phone minutes would thank you for it.

Tera said...

Hmph...looks like Alex gets all the honorable mention around these parts huh? ;-)

alex said...

Tera, I do get hellsalotta love from Mr. T that I don't return. He's good people that way.

Mr. T subscribes to this philosophy of linking: if you link once in a post, you must link throughout the piece.

I subscribe to the philosophy that says one link will suffice. If one's readers can't find the one link that will explain things, then they're dolts and should be stricken.