Tuesday, September 25, 2007

If you got anything from my dorky MySpace account in the past 48 hours - delete it, please

It looks like my love of Kanye West and 50 Cent rap-off videos has compromised my dorky MySpace account.

Apologies to the person? People? who were affected by this. I am more than a little upset by this whole thing, but MySpace Tom with the incredibly poor posture assures me it is now all fixed.

So... to make sure you don't feel your time is complete wasted with this blog entry, here is a music video comprised of old church revival footage - once again showing that video cameras and church services shouldn't mix.

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Courtney said...

Sorry for spreading the phishing disease. I too wondered why I had a comment about Kayne and 50 Cent from a long-quiet friend, thought, Wow, there must be an interesting parallel for this person to post this comment for me. I gotta see the video! Then I am phished, as are many of (all?) my MySpace friends, though I didn't realize it for a while. Apologies to you and your painful tuckus!