Saturday, April 01, 2006

Cor_Por_8 Remix

I work for a tedious and tiresome corporation. Part of my job is to make things less tedious and tiresome for everyone. We have this daily meeting where we discuss System Error Reporting Forms, or SERFs. So all I did was log into the meeting, record it, set it to a dance beat, and release it to my unsuspecting co-workers.

In Seth Godin marketing terms, “It went viral.” My wife sent it to a couple of people at her office, and, once again, viralocity was evident.

I didn’t really want to put it on the blog because I consider it a little too in-jokey for the casual internet blogreader. But then someone pointed out to me what are blogs but one big in-joke, anyway?

For your consideration, Cor_Por_8_Remix.

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wubbahed said...

This is absolutely brilliant. Brilliant.