Tuesday, September 15, 2009

More Work in the Library

So our four bookshelves weren't cutting it. We had to buy three more.

And we bought a CD case that was a real bugaboo to assemble.

The trick was to move the CDs from the top of the kitchen counter into the CD case alphabetically.

It is working out. I moved all of my comics to the three new bookshelves, freeing up the old bookshelves for the opera scores and other books that are still in boxes.

Comic book shelves (complete with the ghost of a fan in the window - our house is haunted by a cool, cool breeze).

Shelves for opera scores, sheet music, and other assorted literature (in progress).

Current CD shelf.

It still looks like an absolute mess, but the house is coming together. Slowly but surely, our crap is getting in order.


Churlita said...

I would love to have all those shelves. Many of my books still live in boxes in my closet.

Pamela said...

Holy crap you have a lot of crap! Good thing there's a cool breeze to blow the bad smell out.
funny funny post.