Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Dallas Graffiti is Erudite and Celebrates Science Fiction Classics

You might have noticed a lot of new pictures on the blog recently. That is because I went and purchased a Nokia N85 for the sole purpose of learning why you needto also purchase a data plan when you buy a smart phone.

In the meantime, I have become a little addicted to taking pictures and uploading them from the phone. This is especially true when it comes to graffiti.

Dallas has amazing graffiti. Most people just like writing their names in barely-legible letters, but not Dallasites. They like scribbling on bathroom walls famous quotes from T. Jeff, who I can only assume is a DJ of some sort.

Also, there is the message so important, so overwhelming in sheer brilliance, that it needed to be SCRATCHED IN to the door of the men's room stall.

By now you are probably asking, "What are you doing taking pictures in a men's room stall?" And the truth is, I liked the graffiti. It did lead to an awkward moment, however, when someone walked in on me doing it.

This phone is going to get me into trouble.


Pamela said...

Oh my. Yes it will.
Oh, btw, never try and make a joke referencing Star Wars with someone who was born after it came out.

Churlita said...

Star Wars? Wow. That's some nerdy tagging right there. Awesome.

M. Robert Turnage said...

I will say that this was the graffiti in a book store, so I am sure it would lean to the nerdy side.