Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Leper Colony! A fun party game for children!

"Ok, kids. One of you is a leper. Everyone look under your chairs and see if you have the red spots!"

The children all look under their chairs.

"It's me! Me me me me me!"

"Hold still and let me put the leper spots on you. Ok. Now your job is to count to ten. After that, whoever you touch will also become a leper and will get the spots."

"1... 2... 3... 7... 9... 10! TAG!"


"Leprosy isn't fair. Come here and get your spots. Now we have two lepers. Count to ten and we'll see who gets tagged next."

All of the children run around and scream.

And run.

And scream some more.

One after another, the children get tagged and then get their spots. Soon all of the children are covered in spots.

"Ok. Now you are a leper colony. You are shunned by the outside world. But there is hope and redemption in the form of the special holy cupcakes. After you eat these cupcakes, you will be able to take the spots off of you."



What you have just read is an example of the fun and edu-tain-tional game where children learn about the horrors of leprosy, as well as a valuable spiritual lesson in the form of cupcakes.

Leper Colony! is a simple and fun game designed for a large group of children with natural tendencies to run around and scream a lot for no good reason. With Leper Colony! you give them a reason to run around and scream - they have a horrible disease.

All you need to play Leper Colony! is a collection of red dots (which can come from construction paper) and a mild adhesive so you can stick these dots all over the visiting children (crazy glue is not appropriate - glue sticks are borderline acceptable).

The rest is up to you and the power of your imagination. If you want to encourage the children with great stories of leprosy or dramatic, yet clinical descriptions of what the disease is and what it does to people, then by all means do so. The beauty of this game comes from its flexibility.

Have fun!


Maida said...


ROTFLMAO! That is brilliant.

NoRegrets said...

Lol! Don't you think the cupcakes should be in the shapes of body parts?

Oh, btw, I think you can buy red dot stickers. Even easier.

heather said...

oh gee, leper tag.

as wonderfully creative and informative as that was i don't think we'll be playing it at cheeks' birthday party next saturday. lol

only you could make something like this up. only you. :)

Cyber D said...

This is a game my boys would love... running around, chasing each other, and ending with cupcakes. The best...

Susan said...

Hell, I want to play this game. I'm always in when it comes to cupcakes.

Churlita said...

You get to run around, stick stickers on people and eat cupcakes? It sounds like the perfect game.