Sunday, November 09, 2008

Another Creative Challenge Lands at My Feet

So my friend Sherri blogged about her recent trip to a church's alternative to Halloween party. A party that featured such exciting, non-ghost-and-goblin-themed games like "Cover the Bleeding Man in a Loincloth with Band-Aids."

I grew up going to events like this, so I feel that I am coming from a safe place when I openly mock them. And, if you read the comments on her blog post, there will be a little note from me which reads, "All I'm sayin' is that there should have been at least one game about leprosy."

Because Sherri is not one who lets a snark go without a reciprocal snark, she responded with a nice little, "if you develop a leprosy game concept that I can actually execute given the restraints of my limited time and budget, I will have it at Colin's birthday party in January. And I'll post pictures."

When people ask me, "Where do you get your ideas?" I should just point them to this blog post. Because now I have an idea that I want to see happen.

Sometime before January I want to develop, Leprosy! A Game for the Whole Family and post it here on the blog. I only hope the job, the holidays, the screenwriting, the book publishing, the schoolwork, and all of the other nonsense doesn't get in my way, because this has to happen. Leper love is upon us now.

And who knows? When all is said and done, this game may involve pasting band aids on a man in a loincloth.


InvisibleMarketing said...

I think the world is safe from this threat b/c your project pile is already oversubscribed. What a pity. :)

wubbahed said...

Is this a team game or something like a carnival game that people play one at a time?

For a team game, I'm envisioning something like Capture The Flag meets Zombies, where each time you get caught you have to spend some time in the leper colony and you lose a limb.

A more individual game might involve a pinata shaped like a person. You could call it, "Leper, I'm taking back my candy!"

Anonymous said...

What if you tape (aka graft) the skin back on the leper? Then, call him Lazarus.

Tera said...


Todd...we could also revert back to the old dip in the Jordan could we not?

Churlita said...

I like Todd's game best so far. Or we could just rediscover anti-biotics and clean everything up in one fell swoop.

NoRegrets said...

Oh, no, I'll help you with this one!!!

OK, how about building on the theme of putting them away from society, as was often done. So the object is to try and not get thrown into the institution. Begging gets you points to stay on the street. Lose a nose, go back three steps. Kinda like chutes and ladders. Leaping Lepers! OK, all that was not connected, but there's gotta be a great game there...

M. Robert Turnage said...

I don't know if "shun the leper" is going to be a fun game to teach impressionable pre-K kids. They're going to get enough of that once school starts.

Good ideas, all around!

Cyber D said...

I'm thinking it should be a board game. Each player goes on a journey from Jeruselim to Demascus and on the way they have to avoid Roman Soldier's, Wild Animals, and of course... Leprosey. The first one that makes it to Demascus alive wins the game. You can have miricale cards to cure you of illness and jeapordy cards that put your character at risk... I love this idea!