Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Wacked Out BSG Theory

I don't think anyone who regularly reads the blog watches Battlestar Galactica, but if you do, you should know I give away the ending of Season 3 in the next sentence.

At the end of Season 3, four of the characters (Tigh, Tyroll, Anders, and Tory, who we refer to by her first name for some reason) all think they are Cylons.

I think that, no, they are not Cylons, but instead are all infected with a Cylon STD of some sort.

Insane, yes. But hear me out.

Tigh's wife Ellen slept with a Cylon. Tyrol slept with a Cylon. Anders slept with Starbuck (who slept with everyone, so there is a good chance a Cylon is somewhere in there), and Tory slept with Anders. And, as far as we know, everyone is all about unprotected sex in the BSG-verse.

Reasons for thinking this:

1) In the BSG Podcast, Ron Moore talked about an abandoned storyline where the Cylon blood transfusion started taking over Roslin. He liked the idea of having a Cylon disease slowly taking over a person during the course of several episodes.

2) They established a disease that humans were immune to, but was fatal to Cylons. What about a disease that Cylons were immune to but humans were susceptible to? And if it was an STD wouldn't that make only a select few people even exposed to the disease?

3) I may be wrong, but didn't Tory only start hearing the mysterious Bob Dylan music after she slept with Anders?

4) The Cylons cannot reproduce on their own. Maybe there is some sort of nanobot thing that happens when you have sex with them that turns people into Cylons. It could be like plant grafting or something like that.

This is a wild, crazy speculation here, with little or nothing to back it up. But it has untapped dramatic possibilities, and that is what this show is about.

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Courtney said...

I don't watch BSG, but I have friends who do and who talk about it a lot. Still, I know nothing about it, except they think it is awesome. But here's what I find most interesting: Sex with a Cylon causes you to hear Bob Dylan music? That's just scary. Sometimes I hear Bob Dylan music. Does that mean . . . ?