Tuesday, October 18, 2005

The Post Where All Standards are Thrown Out The Window

When I started working on this blog, I told myself that this would be different from other blogs; I wouldn’t just surf the internet and post links to other websites here, and I certainly wouldn’t write run-on sentences that refer to myself constantly. This would be a place of creative expression, where a mixture of well thought-out essays and fiction and multimedia live in creative harmony. It would not be self-indulgent fluff text about absolutely nothing. These were the rules.

And rules were made to be broken.

One of my favorite place to get interesting links is Stay Free magazine, particularly the Stay Free blog.

While reviewing the blog, I read about a fellow named John Hargrave who apparently likes pranking credit card companies, pointing out huge flaws in the company security systems.

Since I am (slowly) working on a Dayjobs and Nightmares podcast about credit reports and huge flaws in the entire credit reporting system, web sites like this is pure inspiration.

Something else inspirational is Improv Everywhere.

Makes me wish I had enough time to organize a Dallas chapter Improv Everywhere.

This week’s Media Feed podcast is being edited! As soon as all the “um”s and “err”s are removed, it will be ready for posting. And the Dayjobs and Nightmares podcast is also under construction. Hopefully, it will be well worth the wait.


MmeEbaugh said...

hey robert - Dagmar here. I love how you have a link to Jim's Big Ego! How did you find him/them? I went to college with Jim (have known him a long time). HOpe you & Christie are well. Dagmar

M. Robert Turnage said...

Dagmar -

I learned all about Jim's Big Ego from my brother, who went to Boston University and is a big fan. I've been following him for years. (Dont Get Smart was my personal theme album of 1999. At my first corporate job, I would end each day by playing "Feelin' Groovy." before I went home.)

Jim is very outspoken about how it is perfectly ok for you to share his music online, so I decided to use some in my podcast.

Great hearing from you. Christie sends her love!