Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Worst Story I Have Ever Written

He blamed his family, his upbringing.

How could he possibly live up. His oldest brother was a famous Sergeant known throughout the world. The attention was stifling.

To make it worse, there was also a famous Doctor in the family. All of that money, power, and luck concentrated in a single family proved almost too much to bear. Lightning had struck twice in the family, would it strike again.

He definitely saw it in his little sister. She was nicknamed Red because of her fiery personality, and many people avoided her. Even the ones who liked her had to admit she was a cultivated taste, a little outside the bell curve of appreciation.

His birth name was Fred, but because he was the black sheep of the family, he gained the nickname Black.

Black Pepper.

And he was wanted with assault.


wubbahed said...

I think you should title it "Ennui"

Justin said...

Very "Cruel Shoes" Steve Martinish. I like it.

NoRegrets said...

It also proved too much too beer.